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Realturf Sport Range, artificial grass for sports!


In Realturf Sports product range, our company is fully committed to design and manufacture high performance sport products and offers a specific solution for our client needs. Each product complies with the different standards of the most prestigious organizations, as FIFA, IFT, FIH, etc

Enjoy your playing field without worrying about anything else!




Paddle Artificial Turf

Artificial turf for Paddle

Colorfull and functional!

We have designed and manufactured our Paddle collection with special parameters for paddle courts. The different models of grass applied to the paddle have been developed according to the parameters of the ITF, RealTurf develops high performance and customizable tracks.

Recommended installation in:

Paddle Courts.

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Multipurpose Artificial Turf

Multipurpose Artificial Turf

Multipurpose fields!

The Multisport product it’s a polyvalent grass. Its recommended for multipurpose fields, and characterized by its resistance.

Recommended installation in:

Multipurpose Fields.

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Golf Artificial Turf

Artificial turf for Golf Courses

Your best shot!

Our experience in manufacturing and our R+D project GolfTurf has led us to manufacture products that reproduce the behavior of the best natural grass installations in each of the playing areas of a golf course.

Recommended installation in:

Professional and/or Amateur Facilities, Private Play Areas.

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Sports Collection


PadelPro Blue

Padel Pro Blue


Golf Pro

Golf Putt

Golf Putt

Multisport Brown