High Quality Artificial Turf

At RealTurf we manufacture high quality Artificial Grass, we design and develop our products with the sole purpose of satisfying all our customers. From this area you can learn more about our brand, its advantages and why RealTurf is the best brand of artificial turf.


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Our manufacturing process

I+D and Design

According to the R & D parameters, the specific lawn type is designed for each application: Fiber Type, Color, Curl, Height, etc …


The chosen material is melted and extruded through a perforated steel plate from which it comes out in the form of threads.

Formation of the fiber

The yarns are tensioned and stretched until a fiber as thin as the natural grass remains and several fibers are combined to form multi-strand yarn bobbins.


A machine fed by several coils, sews the fiber to the backing (lawn base) while on the other side blades cut the fibers to the desired size.


Any irregular stitches are detected by a supervisor and corrected immediately by hand.

Sealing and core drilling..

A roller prints a sealing layer to the backing and a constant temperature oven seals it.
The backing is then drilled to enable drainage.

IBV Testing.

The lawn passes quality controls to ensure that it meets the set technical specifications.

Packaging and Storage

Finally the lawn is packaged in rolls up to 70m and stored until it leaves to its destination.

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Our Certificates

  • ISO 9001:2000

    ISO 9001:2000

    Quality Certificate in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of artificial turf.

    ISO 9001: 2000 is a model for the assurance of Total Quality in the design, development, production, installation and after-sales service of our company.

    RealTurf, through what is established in the ISO 9001: 2000 standard, guarantees its clients the quality in the processes and services through the internal protocols established for it, offering to them, with all of this, a better performance at the time of Meet their needs.

    Our commitment to society and the environment.


  • ISO 14001

    ISO 14001

    Quality Certificate in design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of artificial turf.

    The ISO 14000 standard is part of a family of standards that refer to the environmental management applied to the company, whose objective is the standardization of ways to produce and provide services that protect the environment.

    RealTurf is committed and acts on a daily basis in favor of the environment, through:

    • Recycling of waste.
    • Reducing water and energy consumption.
    • The use of renewable energy.
    • Awareness and training of teams

    Our environmental concern is also reflected by the constant research and development of 100% recyclable products that are more respectful of the environment.

  • ESTO


    European Synthetic Turf Organisation.

    ESTO is the European Association of Artificial Turf created to ensure the correct quality of artificial turf and has as objectives:

    • The continuous improvement in products and test methods of the sector. (For which THIS has formed a technical committee).
    • Work in accordance with the principles adopted in the CEN / TC 217 standardization process..
    • Ensure compliance with all technical, play, and safety requirements on artificial sports surfaces.
    • Serve as a platform to facilitate communication and good practices between companies in the artificial turf industry. (For this purpose, this has created a communication committee).
  • ESTO


    Our R&D facilities have the most up-to-date testing equipment, raw materials, technology to develop products that comply with all regulations.

    GOLFTURF- Analysis and design of artificial turf for golf courses.

    R&D project carried out by the Miguel Hernández-IBV-REALTURF Consortium and funded by the Ministry of Enterprise, University and Science of the Generalitat Valenciana. Purpose of the project: The search for alternatives to the practice of Golf in a sustainable way.

  • ESTO


    Our company works with the most prestigious accredited laboratories. Each of the products manufactured by Realturf is carefully studied to adapt to the highest demands and meet the following requirements:

    • Quality of our products being designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001.
    • Materials of last generation thanks to the constant effort of our R&D department
    • Durability of our products
    • UV resistance We ensure high UV protection of our products
    • Resistance to fiber picking and dimensional stability complying with European regulations.
    • No Toxicity when using materials free of heavy materials in accordance with DIN V 18035.
    • CE declaration of conformity of our products. Being classified according to standard UNE-EN 13501-1.
    • Environmental Respect by producing 100% recyclable products and by our environmental commitment ISO 14000 certified.
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO 14001
  • Esto
  • Ibv
  • Aitex