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Artificial grass in NYC

“We” is the word on which our business is built. We as colleagues, business partners or customers; We are a company that mainly believes in people and their ideas. Therefore we create a world of possibilities and put it in the palm of your hand. To lead the market of Artificial Grass year after year, a company has to excel in all management disciplines : Finance, R & D , Manufacturing and Marketing . Working with Realturf tests your skills , and provides you with the necessary support for creating and developing leading companies in the world.
“We” is our world. Now our world is yours.

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What makes RealTurf stand out?

Advanced Technology

Manufactured with innovative techniques for the best appearance and performance of the highest level.

Maximum Quality

We meet the requirements of ISO standards for artificial turf.

Wide Range of Products

We develop products thinking about all the needs of our customers.

Huge Experience

15 years of daily effort to offer you the best artificial turf.

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We want to help you find the best option for your artificial turf installation, we have a wide range of high quality products, let us advise you according to your preferences, zones or application.



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