Forte; pure strength

Pure strength in artificial turf

Artificial turf for garden, Forte

RealTurf Forte artificial turf for garden

Our artificial tur for the bravest, Forte is our strongest product.

  • Height: 1,38 in
  • Stitches: 12.125
  • Weight: 95 oz/sq yd
  • Strength: 100%

“RealTurf Forte” Technologies

“BodyShape” The combination of shapes in the fibers gives the product an optimun recovery, sometimes supplanting the fibers with nerves. With this method we obtain a softer fiber and with a suitable recovery.

BodyShape a shape for every need!

“MaxRecover” This fiber recovery system developed by RealTurf, modifies the composition of the fiber giving the product a maximum recovery. The combination of different polymers ensures that the fiber is always upright.

MaxRecover the system for an ever perfect turf!

The “LongLive” technology is inserted in the polymer of the fibers, increasing substantially the fiber durability, and making your garden to last and be more impeccable with time.

With LongLive your garden in perfect conditions much longer!

The “MaxDrain” high level drainage system, makes the product ideal for use with pets, giving the product a superior drainage of liquids and dirt.

MaxDrain Ideal if you have a pet!

Applications and Usage

Special for private gardens of high standing, terraces, play areas with pets, and / or commercial applications. Recommended for areas of medium transit use.

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